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💖 Most attunements can now be received realtime or absent. Please choose your preference via the dropdown.

Realtime: This attunement will be done remotely but in Real time. i.e. you need to consciously participate in receiving the attunement. Calendar link and instructions will be shared once order is confirmed. It will be done at a time choosen by you. The start and end of the attunement will be notified to you by the team in a whatsapp group or by email.

Absent: This attunement will be completed anytime within 3 working days after receipt of the order confirmation. You are not required to be present for this attunement. Once completed, you will be notified by email along with further instructions.


Vortex of Light attunement

$88.00 Add to cart

Light grid attunement

$66.00 Add to cart


Light particulate attunement

$66.00 Add to cart


Prosperity attunement

$55.00 Add to cart


Diamond grid of Prosperity attunement

$55.00 Add to cart


Psychic and Awareness development attunement

$55.00 Add to cart

Attunement to plant language

$66.00 $44.00 Add to cart