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Basic Light Key Protocols

Light key protocols are a series of steps incorporating the energy of light keys and light key frequencies to address specific issues.  These protocols are gentle, easy to use, yet very powerful. These can be learnt by anyone and practiced on their own.

People feel stuck in certain situations, feel resentment, suppress their true feelings, unable to handle conflicts, unable to forgive, and sometimes experiencing repeated patterns in life. These issues can be won over by using these protocols.

💖 List of basic light key protocols
💖 How will it help you?
  • An immediate shift in energy as far as the issue is concerned
  • Deep relaxation
  • Feeling peaceful and calm
  • Physical & emotional discomfort is eased
  • Long-standing patterns and stubborn issues dissolve
💖 What next?

You can either learn the protocol and practice or you can find a facilitator to help you perform and experience this protocol­­­.

💖 Course Prerequisites

While there are no prerequisites for this class, learning the basic light key blueprint course is recommended.

💖 How to learn

You can either buy the self-study course from the shop on this website or find a facilitator near you for an in-person class.

Are you ready to break through your limiting beliefs, resentment and blocks? Would you choose this class? What will it take?

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