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What can you receive from rejection?

How are you? Are you choosing more and more inner freedom? Let’s have some more insights for expanding, shall we? Receiving from rejection What does “Rejection” trigger in your world? How much of it do you handle with emotional reaction? If someone bypasses you, do you feel disrespected? If someone does not respond to your …


Last chance to claim 75% discount

How have you been? Are you using the lock down time to grow and expand? Are you aware that I have been doing many FB lives to support you with that? If not, please feel free to watch them from here: Acceptance Vs Allowance When I started my spiritual journey I used to often …


Wouldn’t you like to be rejected now?

How have you been? Are you following my daily FB lives? Are they useful to you? Beyond rejection I have a question for you: Wouldn’t you love to be rejected by Corona Virus now? If you have had a strong resistance to rejection, it may be time for you to let go and choose freedom, …


Do this exercise when nothing is working for you

If you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, you may like to try this little exercise: In this video, I talk about why self-help does not work for some people and how they can go beyond this and expand their horizons. If you have self-worth issues or limiting beliefs about yourself, you …


Goodies you do not want to miss

How is life in isolation? Perhaps, you would like to work on inner freedom in this lockdown period? As you may be aware, I am offering a free kids’ class and a group coaching session within the next 1 week. In fact, the fun class for kids starts in a few hours. I have a …


A healing program to release infection

This morning when I woke up, I had loads of awareness and I wanted to share it with you all immediately. I channeled this program from the Source of Light. Simply read these statements to invoke this healing program: Light matrix, Release and Remove any virus, bacteria or parasite that causes infection, inflammation and decay …


A healing resource you don’t want to miss

How is the house arrest going? Are you enjoying the time off or complaining? Some of you might be a handful with your kids, right? Let’s distract them with a fun class on healing. It’s totally free… Bring them for the online class on 25th: A few days back, the Joyous Body Practitioners got …


Shall we give kids a magic wand?

Shall we give the kids a healing wand when they are under lockdown 🙂 What magic would that create now? As you may be aware, I have channeled a healing system called Light keys. We have practitioners around the world benefiting from very simple yet extremely effective practices from this system. Well, I am still …


Feel Better Instantly

Let’s try something different than what everyone else is doing. Let’s laugh, love and be very kind to ourselves and others right away. If anything is preventing you from doing that, please try this video: This light key protocol was channeled live – ie I did not plan what to do in advance when …


Beginning of limitless reality?

How have you been doing in this intense time on earth? If you are challenged, you may like to listen to this magical access consciousness clearing that could change anything for you: 5D reality For about 6 months I have been having awareness of 5D (5 dimensions) reality. I don’t exactly understand what it …

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