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Who is residing in your body?

How are you? How are you being with your body?Truth: How many people are in your body?Zero or millions? If it is zero, you are not present with your body; If it is anything other than one, then, well, you have company! Question is who is living your body? Intrigued? Join us on the Conscious …


Would you like a timeless body?

How are you?In this newsletter, I am going to talk about the effect of time on the body. Is it possible to have a timeless body?When you are completely present in the current moment, there is no past and no future.  In that case, would you be carrying the limitations you had in the last moment? Why …


Are you playing God?

How are you? Does the current pandemic worry you? You may like to see my video ‘Are you playing God?’ where I have talked about how you can contribute to others by being a clear space. The link is at the end. Journeying with Light keys 1) As usual, an amazing Awareness Development Circle on …


Healing for Covid

How have you been? We did a meditation and healing in our group coaching call for the fear on the planet right now. Hope it reached you. Many practitioners of Light Key system joined together to bring more light into the COVID situation and we are on day 5 of 11 in doing some Light …


My personal facilitation for you? (Time-sensitive)

How have you been? I hope you enjoyed the silence for 3 days! 🙂 How are things? Are you flowing freely or stagnated? Would you like some support? I am doing a group coaching call today and you are invited to join… no strings attached: https://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/event/free-group-coaching-call-2/ Do you feel rejected by your clients? One of …


You can be gorgeous right away

How are you doing? Gorgeous you call 4 due on 25th June already started 2 days in advance energetically! So much awareness is pouring in! I myself feel very touched by the questions that are being asked. They have taken me to space where I have not been so far. I can sense where I …


When nothing works…

How are you? Did you find some interesting truth about yourself with the hard questions I asked in the last newsletter? If you did, you may like to explore more of your body awareness & embrace lightness through Gorgeous you call on Thursday: https://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/event/group-coaching-may-june-2020-4-of-4-calls/ Light and lightness Many of us are asking for something in …


Some shocking truths about yourself?

How are you doing? We apologize for missing the link to the video on releasing intensity from the body. Here it is: https://youtu.be/NtR-EPHoTQ8 Are you killing your body? As you may be aware, we are doing a series called ‘Gorgeous You’. It attracted many people who like to lose weight – naturally. However, I am …


Release the intensity from your body

How are you doing? Did you enjoy the silence for a couple of days? 🙂 Well, now I am back with another video. This time to release the pain or intensity from your body. The link is at the end as usual! Magical light key frequencies Everything in the universe vibrates at a particular frequency. …


Weird and wonderful choice of not having a baby!

How are you doing? Did you enjoy the Group Joyous body healing yesterday? It was amazing… here is some feedback: “feeling light..had a sharp shooting pain on my right ovary and suddenly something shifted.been having a heavy head since morning… feeling lighter” “Everytime we attend Group JBP I experience so much relief and feel good… …

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