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Would you like to have powerful friends?

As you may know, I have been a medium and channel for many years and many people are fascinated by it; some people ridicule it; some people simply avoid me because they think this is weird. But my work definitely creates inquisitiveness among people. I have talked about what’s it that we receive from the …


Can you predict the future?

Can you predict the future? How have you been? Thank you for reading and responding to my newsletters. Much gratitude. Many people ask me to predict their future. One of the most common questions is whether they will become rich. The next popular question is they will find their soulmate. There have been times my …


Are you growing wings?

How has your 2020 journey started? Empowering I hope! My life has changed altogether in the past few months since we started the trial on light keys. It amazes me how quickly the system has grown in content and reach. The practitioners are now in about 10 countries as far as I know and I …


What if cause and effect are not true?

How have you been?  Most healing modalities follow either of these paths: 1) Clearing the energy that’s limiting you being the master of your universe2) Creating or instilling the energy of what you desire Both work wonders. However, there is a danger in the first method because you might get yourself stuck in the cause-effect …


Healing made simple

Have you been wanting to heal yourself or have a quest for healing others? Did you think that you need extensive training or you need to be gifted to be a healer? What if these are just myths? What if all you need to do is practice deep rest and let the universe work for …


Would you allow the light frequencies to work for you?

More than ever, at this point of time, more help is available for us to create a new reality. I am becoming more and more aware of this information almost on daily basis. And the simplicity of these tools that are pouring in amazes me. I like to give an example. I downloaded a Light …


Are you a healer who needs help?

How have you been?  I have been part of many healing groups and I see lots of struggle amongst the healers – both emotionally and financially. I have been there and done that. In fact, when I started my healing work, I used to get sick when I performed hands-on healing. I totally avoided hands-on …


What does your body mean to you?

What does your body mean to you? Most of the people are conditioned to detest the body and settle into expecting suffering from the body. Do you resonate with this? Read on If you have such beliefs, according to the law of attraction, that is what you will create exactly. The whole purpose of your …


Magical shift with your body

I have had an aversion towards having a body for a long time which changed considerably after practising so many energy healing techniques for nearly 2 decades. However, I started enjoying having a body and have total gratitude for the body since I completed an 11-day practice of Joyous Body Protocol. It is such a …


Joyous Body Protocol

Would you like to unlock your body’s ability to heal itself? What if you could heal anything in your body with total ease? Would you be willing to devote 10 min a day for the next 11 days to heal your body? I’d like to invite you to the Joyous Body Protocol. Joyous Body Protocol, …

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