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How I be!

Hi there everybody, How have you been? I had a blasting tour of consciousness covering Singapore, Malaysia and India. What a grand trip that was! You know what, when I left home for a 3 week long trip, I only had two classes with a few confirmed participants. But I went anyway following the energy …


Nila/Nimi’s interview in the Newsletter from Access Consciousness South East Asia

1. What are some of the changes you have had since finding Access Consciousness®?  A. “My whole life has changed in every aspect – I am happier than ever, have more freedom and expanding business internationally. Access has empowered me to create magic every day and have fun with life. The coolest part is that …


What is right, Gaby?

Dear friends, How are you all? I am busy with preparations for my next Access Consciousness Tour to Asia – I am visiting Singapore, Malaysia, India and UAE. How does it get any better than this and what else is possible? Miracle Diary It is such a pleasure for me to share the miracles I …


Being present

Dear friends, How you be today? Have you realized that everything is fine in the current moment. Everything that we have made as a problem is either to do with past or present. What if we just live in the present where everything is available? When we are are NOT present in our lives, can …


Repeating patterns in life?

Dear friends, How you be today? Tool of the day Many people are feeling intense emotions recently. Are you one of them? What if it is not yours? All of us are psychics and 98% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not ours – according to Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness. Would you …


How to unstuck yourself?

Dear friends, How you be today? I am grateful for every one of you to be in my life directly or indirectly. What contribution can I be for you? Last week I had a client who had slipped a bit back into old habits of counting her limitations. All of us do this some times, …


Who is running your life?

Dear friends How are you all? Access consciousness empowers us to create life by looking at life from totally different perspective. I have been posting some questions daily in facebook that might give you some insights. I am giving some of them below: What is success for you – not according to the people around …


How to heal your physical ailments with ease?

MTVSS is a magical healing process than can be used in 1000s of ways to reverse any malfunction of the body. I have read case studies where people have reversed cancer, grew bones back, realigned fractured bones, reverse diabetes etc. I have used it for anything and everything with great success including healing tooth ache, …


Expansion beyond imagination!

Hello Friends!! What an expansive trip I have had in India! I feel so rejuvenated and joyful after the experiences in the country of my birth where I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people, spread awareness about Access Consciousness, conduct Classes, workshops not only in cities but in rural areas, give television interviews; …


What would you want to expand today?

Dear friends, How have you been? I have had a joyfully hectic Access Consciousness tour. The original idea was doing Access Consciousness Bars class on weekends as I assumed that people won’t be interested in week day classes! How stupid I was! I must thank my friend Daniela for pointing it out. I was doing a class/workshops/private …

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