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Audio download for healing your inner child

How are you all? Thank you for asking for more through emails and phone calls that brought me out of my hibernation. How does it get any better than this? To make up for my long absence, I have an additional gift for you. Read it until the end, ok? Way out of frustration I …


Are you hiding from money?

How are you? I want to apologize for not sending the audio clearing for winning the lottery. I have been deliciously busy doing full time IT job, eBusiness, classes, mobile apps, sessions etc. However, I am asking the audio to come into existence quickly. What would it take? In case you had missed the previous …


Healing for babies

How are you? I am doing good as usual thanks to all your contributions. How does it get any better than this? As you may be aware, I am crazy about babies and they start playing with me from their mom’s tummy. You would have read so many of my miracle stories with babies. Last …


No cost mobile apps for relationships

How are you? I am doing good… really chilled. How does it get any better than this? How about you and what are you upto? I am seeing some of you flourishing, some of you stepping up and some of you choosing to be the same… well done! Quirky question Do you love the person …


Would you like to have friends from other realms?

Wonderful to connect again. I have been doing great. How about you? How to get unstuck? A friend of mine told me with so much frustration that she follows all the techniques meticulously to change her life but nothing is changing and asked me if psychic surgery can help. I am sure some of us …


Divine handshake

How are you? Let me get straight into the business. Tool of the day Some times the best therapy is laughing – even if it is a fake laughter. When you feel stuck even after trying everything you have learned, just laugh. It shifts the energy. One day I woke up gloomy and my mood …


Have you experienced Psychic Surgery?

How are you? I have been doing good – learning new techniques, experiencing more and more freedom! How does it get any better than this? I recently learnt and practised a new technique called ‘Be Set Free Fast’. Quite fascinating !! I am amazed at the number of healing modalities that are on this planet, …


Audio Download and Angel Hugs :-)

How are you? I am well and thanks for caring 🙂 If you are my FB friend, you would know that I am having so much fun playing and expanding.If you are not, please feel free to join the fun: Tool of the day The original meaning of ‘want’ is ‘lack’. When you want something, …


Prosperity games that make money!

How have you been? I have been well and creating a lot. In the last newsletter I had said that my mediumship was changing and I was recalibrating. Well, it has been a magical experience. Trance mediumship has always been my strongest forms of work and the experience has intensified. By the way, if you …


Space of being – audio download

How have you been? Are you enjoying the drama you are creating ;P ? Or are you choosing the space around all of it? It is quite easy to be sucked into the drama of other people. (hey, my interesting point of  view!) Let me share something with you. I did Access foundation and Level …

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