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Joyous Body Protocol

Would you like to unlock your body’s ability to heal itself? What if you could heal anything in your body with total ease? Would you be willing to devote 10 min a day for the next 11 days to heal your body? I’d like to invite you to the Joyous Body Protocol. Joyous Body Protocol, …


Would you allow your body to heal?

How have you been? Have you started the new year with higher vibration? Let nothing drag you down… keep looking for something to appreciate and soar high in vibration. While talking about appreciation, how much are you in appreciation of your body? Have you recognized the potency of the body to heal on its own …


Healing is easy

Would you like to get empowered in the new year to change your body with ease? Who wouldn’t, right? As you may be aware, I have been channelling for a while and my awareness is that a lot more light is now available for us from other dimensions. Light keys and frequencies help us tap …


Connected to Body, Connected to Land

How are you? Did you enjoy my new year gift? I have another gift for you. To know more, please read on… “If you’re destroying and poisoning the things that give us life, the things that shape our identity, the places that we are from and the things that sustain us, then how can you not be poisoning …


My gift for setting up a magical new year!

How have you been? You must be excited that the new year is around the corner. How was 2019 for you? Did you enjoy all that you created in 2019? What would you like to change in 2020? When you acknowledge that you are the master of your universe and you create your life, everything …


Ready to blast away your limitations?

Hope you have registered for the free energy clearing class that’s coming up tomorrow. If not, you may want to take up this opportunity to blast away these limitations with this simple light key protocol which is easy to follow. See the feedback below: I am practicing rainbow ray frequency protocol for my health issue. …


My gift to you for the new year

Are you getting ready to move into the new year? How was 2019 for you and what would you like to create in 2020? Do you have a wish list? We did a prosperity & abundance class yesterday which brought up loads of hidden beliefs for many people and we blasted them through belief clearing …


Do you want to heal your loved ones?

How did you like the exercise on improving your financial health? Did you do it? Would you be committing to improve your finances in 2020? Did you know that we are doing a class on ‘Prosperity and Abundance as if by magic’? Would you like to join and create a fabulous 2020? Healing your …


A simple exercise to improve your finances

Did you like the 5 tips to improve your finances? Are you following any of it? If it all seems too much for you, would you be willing to try one simple exercise that could improve your finance like a magic? 1. When you think about your finance, what do you feel? If your finance …


Can your body contribute to your finance?

Have you ever asked your body to contribute to your finance? You, as a being do not need money. However, your body requires money for food, shelter, clothing etc. Then why wouldn’t it contribute in creating more money? I make deals with my body all the time and it contributes magically. Recently, I wanted a …

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