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Does Quantum leap with your health?

How is it going? Now that the lockdown is easing in many parts of the world, I hope you go out there and shine your light with whole new insights you received in the past few weeks 🙂 If you are conscious of your body image, then we have a video to feel gorgeous right …


Are you fighting with your body?

How is it going? Our fun continues with colouring the lightlogues… did you join? After Israel, USA, India, and UK, Singapore received a lightlogue. Malaysia and Russia are ready to receive it. I wonder which country is next! You can also join the colouring experience in June. You will get 4 lightlogues for the price …


What if the body clock is a lie?

How is it going? We have been having too much fun with colouring. India group completed 29 lightlogues in 2 days including a few children! Awesome experience. Every logue gives me an immense sense of gratitude! You know, gratitude heals! If you like to have a lightlogue created for your country for free, you got …


Are you channeling the universe?

How is it going? We have been doing something fun – colouring! This is not only childlike fun but it is also a deep spiritual experience. What is it? I have channeled lightlogues for Israel, USA, and India so far at the request of a group of people and invited more of them to colour …


Light key blessing for tuning into the frequency of Gold

How are you doing? Gold is not only a symbol of prosperity, it also has healing capacities. So, I have done a video blessing for tuning into the frequency of gold. The link is at the end of this newsletter. I hope you enjoy! Talking about prosperity and gold, you may still be able to …


Like to have a dialogue with light?

How are you doing? We had the biggest paid class in Light key history for Quick Fix protocol. People loved it… see what they are saying: “transformed totally” “fantastic” “l loved it” “easy” “wow..fun and light!” “amazing. It’s brilliant” “it’s wow…!!” “so much release” “Nila got a awareness where I was cursed.I saw the situation …


3 steps to activate prosperity

How have you been? Did you enjoy the awakening the kindness video? Did you share it with your friends and family? How grand would it be to activate kindness in every one of us! Activating Prosperity Most of the people I work with come to me with intense desire for something and in a few …


Activating the spark of kindness exercise

How have you been? What a call we had on Gorgeous you! It was amazing. Here are some of the messages we received during and after the call: “beautiful experience” “super awesome” “bless you Nila for what you just did with blood…… awesome” “body is heating up.. super awesome crazy” “major clean up” “my eye …


Time sensitive: Light and lightness across your body

How have you been?  The free group coaching call on 26th was phenomenal. Did you attend? We did 4 sessions in the call: Breaking the repeating patterns Energy session for getting gorgeous right away! Raise your vibration through playfulness Increase your energy level right away! These videos will be in the youtube soon. Thank you …


Can you occupy more than one body?

How have you been? Many of you have enjoyed the joyous body group healing session before. Here is the next one for you. Experience the joy of your body: https://youtu.be/HDStRamHbu4/  How many bodies are you occupying? One of my clients, in spite of following a healthy lifestyle, was always feeling tired. When working on him, …

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