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Quick Fix Protocol may not be for you

How have you been? We apologize for missing out the link for lottery blessing. Here it is:https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=WHx_oDKxLLk Quick fix suits you? On Friday night, I was feeling a little ‘icky’ and was using some light key processes and a new protocol came through as if by magic. When I used it on myself, within 5 …


A Lightlogue for you

How are you? Did you enjoy the Light key blessing for winning the lottery. What magic can it be for you? Here is another joyous body healing video. Relax and receive: https://youtu.be/HDStRamHbu4/  Lightlogues for you Lightlogues are divine art forms infused with light keys, light key frequencies and colour frequencies. I channel these for specific …


Do you want to change your luck?

How are you? Have you been enjoying the videos? Here is the next one many of you have been asking for – Light key blessing for winning the lottery. Even though it is a popular name, it is really for changing the probability to your advantage. So, feel free to use it on anything! How …


Do you have a control device installed in you?

How are you? Have you been using the tools I share with you through videos and this news letter? Regardless, I will keep sending – even if one person creates more lightness, the universe becomes brighter a bit. Here is another video for you – going beyond, rejection, hurt and heart break: https://youtu.be/loB_I-OjTSU/ The control …


Your own portal to the universe

How are you? Did you enjoy the video to release the blocks to success? Here is another one for you – my conversation with Smriti Sivdasani, Facilitator of Light key healing system. She is sharing her journey with light keys that inspires many: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0I4BoeKb0M Your own portal to the universe A year back, when I …


Releasing blocks to success

How are you? Did you receive Light Key blessings for self love? I gather that many of you enjoyed. Would you mind subscribing to my youtube channel to do more of this? There is another good video you might be benefit out of. This one is to release the blocks to success: https://youtu.be/rdZFUZ0lmZ8/ The class …


Blessings for self love

How are you? Here is something to support your journey – Light Key blessings for self love: https://youtu.be/HcF7jV5freY/ Becoming a certified healer is easy! Light key frequencies are very potent tools to use on your body and life to create transformation. See what people says: “Nila all I can say is WOW 🤩.The peace and …


Blessings for windfall of money

How are you? Did you join the JBP healing session yesterday? If not, no worries. You will have it in our youtube channel soon. By the way, did you receive the light key blessing for windfall of money? https://youtu.be/3I8nROYYfbc/ Gorgeous you As I had written yesterday, universe is going to lead the weight loss coaching …


Vortex of light Activation

How are you? Are you able to find gratitude to heal the fear and panic that’s going on? I’m sure if you look deep enough, you can find gratitude in any situation. Light Vortex I wanted to share an amazing experience I had today. I was in the middle of my yoga session and suddenly …


Spontaneous combustion of fat molecules?

How are you? How are you coping with the pandemic and lockdown? Some of you have written to me that it is pretty terrifying. I would ask you to just go beyond that to have more ease. It may be easier said than done but it is absolutely true that only our resistance cause the …

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