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Top 5 tips to change your finance

Are you ready to welcome 2020 with open arms? I thought I will give you some tips to create the money you like to have in your life. This is my gift to you. Top 5 money creation tips: 1. Get happy: Find a way to be happy. Money follows joy. Make a list of …


What if you could just be aware of the winning numbers?

How are you? I am writing this from India around midnight from a totally excited space of upcoming classes. Each of these classes have certain energy and they play with me all the time. The Abuse/Trauma healing protocol on Sunday (Dec 15th) is like a little rabit that is so dynamic.The ‘You, The Precious One’ …


Taste of kindness – Two gifts for you!

As you may remember, I did a free call on Clearing Energy blocks a few weeks back and the response was so great. We did a very short taster light key protocol and many of the participants loved it so much. Here is one: “After the kindness key exercise I was feeling all warm and …


Golden Earth Reality

How are you? I have been well and kicking. I’m so pumped up about the upcoming classes and unable to sleep out of excitement. In fact I’m writing this message while flying. I worked straight 6 hours to complete the manual on the flight and still wanted to write to you out of sheer excitement. …


Connecting to Light Beings

A long time ago, I went to a medium out of sheer frustration in everything about life. His reading was not only mind blowing but also hilarious because he told me that I would become a medium. I could not laugh at him for saying that but I certainly laughed to myself But you know …


Ease with Birthing (babies/creation)

Did you find the signature hack article useful? Please let me know if you like me to write/do video on any particular topic. Access clearing for birthing Babies are very close to my heart and I am very lucky with creating babies around me. Many of them let me know that they are coming through …


One signature tip that may change your life

What are you appreciating today? Are you enjoying the information I am sharing? I would love to hear from you. Can signatures really change your life? I have been doing signature analysis for more than two decades now. Some how, I feel signatures speak to me. They tell me what you think about yourself and …


A simple way to heal

How are you? How has 2019 been for you and how would you like to create 2020? Most part of 2019 was difficult for me in many ways but I managed to keep up the vibration and Nov has been a month that turned around the energy. Loads of insigts and revelations came through. That’s …


You, The Precious One

How are you? As you can see, I have been busy with classes and more creation. We had a great call on clearing energy blocks. The results were amazing. “it’s like i astral travelled. saw visions. some mandala also. ♥ really wonderful. felt pressure in my third eye. ♥ towards the end i felt energy …


Golden Earth Blessing for prosperity and vitality!

Hope you have registered for the Light Key protocol for clearing the energy blocks! This is to gently remind you about the call tomorrow at 8:30 PM IST/ 10 AM EST. Please mark your calendar. What more magic can this create for you? If you have not registered yet, please feel free to join us …

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