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A life-changing tip to improve relationships

Many clients have asked me how to change their family members’ behaviour to improve their relationships. I always ask them, “Can a cat bark?“. In my opinion, people are who they are! We can’t expect them to change their nature so that we can be happy. It’s like asking a cat to bark and getting …


Valuing yourself (Access consciousness clearing)

Are you enjoying life or are you running a rate race? Just because you can do a lot, you don’t have to do all of them. Just let go and relax. One common theme amongst very potent people is that they put themselves down very often. They think they should be doing all that they …


Can you have more by letting go?

How are you? When we feel heavy emotions, some times it seems like there is no way out. But we should realize that we are the ones that hold on to these emotions, not the other way around. The emotions are like the clouds in the sky where the sky is our being. If we …


Manifestation made easy

How have you been? Have you been struggling to receive things you desire? It does not have to be. The moment you desire something, the universe is conspiring to bring it to you. All you need to do is to feel good about that thing you desire for it to come into your reality. It’s …


Awareness development circle starts on Sunday!

How are you? Hope you are aware that we are starting the awareness development circle on Sunday for 4 weeks which will include the following and more: * I will be introducing light scanning method to read the energy body* Facilitate awareness development exercises for you to gain confidence* Offer insights into handling the awareness* …


Does prosperity depend on self-worth?

Recently someone accused me of not valuing them because I did not respond to their questions about solving their life issues. Fair enough. That prompted me to write this message. If our value is outside, we can never be happy. Our control is in someone else’s hand when we seek your self worth from others. …


The Ultimate Truth?

How are you? Are you a seeker looking for the ultimate truth? I used to be like you – I even used to be proud of being a seeker. And then I got so disappointed that there were contradictions between teachings; the teachers and gurus were not so perfect; None of the systems answered all …


Can awareness bring wealth?

How are you? Have you been wondering why I talk about awareness a lot? Well, If you are aware ofwho can contribute to your finance, would it be beneficial?what to do to grow your business, won’t it help your life?What to say to people to create harmony, won’t there be more peace on earth? Yes, …


Would you like to read energy?

How have you been? I wanted to share a mystical experience I had a few days back and what transpired from it. Here it is for you… When I woke up, I was not in the best of the spirits as I had a slight gum inflammation on the left side. As I thought I …


Clearing fear from your system

How have you been? I am doing good and my awareness is through the roof. Awareness can become very uncomfortable if you are not aware of it. Normally people with anxiety or depression may have expansive awareness and they may be owning all the information they are picking up as theirs. If you have any …

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