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Are you willing to have a gorgeous body?

How are you? Did you try the psychic exercise? Not many of you sent me a response and so, I am going to wait for a few more days before revealing what’s in the box. Keep trying. I hope to see you in the Awareness Development Circle on Sunday: https://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/event/awareness-psychic-development-circle-may-2020-call-1-of-2/  Gorgeous you I have first …


Exercise to expand your psychic ability

How are you?Thank you for participating in the psychic game. Interestingly, none of you got it right. 90% of you said it is a ring or piece of jewelry which is very far from the truth 🙂 This is how your mind can deceive you. It will only function from the information it has. In …


Let’s play a psychic game

Hope you are treating yourself well. If you need any help in finding self-love, we are here to help. Please read on… you will find an insight that could change your life. Even otherwise, you can sign up for our free support sessions and benefit out of them. What’s good about being a psychic? Well, …


180 deg change with one baby step

How are you? Hope you had a relaxing week end and looking forward to the month of May. If you are stressed for some reason or so tired of going on a loop, please read on. You may receive an encouraging insight from my experience. One baby step About 2 decades ago, I did not …


Are you willing to demand from the universe?

How have you been? Hope you are still keeping the vibration high. If you are having any challenge with that, I have something to help you. Light matrix command We are all part of the universe and we can command the elements of the universe to bring what we desire. This video will give you …


Would you allow yourself to have ease?

How are you? How are you treating life? Can you use a bit more ease? Effortless expansion Does your life seem like a perpetual wheel of “busy”ness? Does everything seem hard? Has it been a pattern? Do you believe in “No pain, no gain”? What if I tell you, you can change all these and …


Money mastery is made easy

How are you? Are you flooding the planet with gratitude and contributing in healing?  I am sure you do… Are you choosing slavery or mastery? Truth: Are you deriving your value from the money you have? If your answer is yes, well, you have made yourself a slave to money. What would you be without money …


Would you allow me to help you?

How are you? How is your vibration? Do you have difficulty keeping yourself afloat? Would you allow me to help you? Free coaching session I am offering a free group coaching session every month to offer my support to spread light and lightness across the planet. In these calls, I use the numerous modalities to …


Who is the authority of your life?

How are you? Hope you are able to find gratitude and keep your vibration high. Authority of your life The most commonly used phrase in a light key class is ‘Use your own awareness‘. Why?Everyone’s path is unique; everyone is at a different stage of evolution. What may work for one may not work for …


Exercise to release struggle

How are you? Keep your spirit up and soar high. Do you love struggling? Does life seem like a lot of work? Does it feel like you are going on an eternal loop? Well, the good news is that you can break all that and move into the flow effortlessly. The universe is abundant and …

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