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How can you have more fun?


How to calm a baby down

Dear friends, What are you upto today? I had a blasting weekend. It was fun meeting our friends after a long time. In the gathering, a 4 month old baby was crying non stop for more than 30 minutes as she was poorly. Feeling helpless, most of us said “poor baby” and obviously that did …


Tool of the Day

Dear friends, How have you been? I have been on a joyous ride since I did my Access level 2/3 classes I attended last week end. Guess what, my TV interview link went viral and has opened up lots of possibilities for me. I am the personality of the month on British south Indian website thanks to …


Quick Stress Relief Guide

Dear friends, How are you today? I am inspired to do a quick ‘quick relief’ guide for people who are very stressed and in need of immediate help. I am yet to start doing my own videos but I decided to do this guide anyway with free resources available on the web. How does it …


Miracle Diary

Dear friend, What miracles are you creating today? As I promised, I have started writing a miracle diary and enjoying every bit of it. Here is an interesting account of how an angel carried my luggage… curious, aren’t you? Tool of the day Are you interested in making miracles too? You may want to try this EFT video for creating miracles: …


Tool of the Day

Dear friend, How are you being today? Are you taking care of yourself well? I am sorry that I have not been writing to you as much as I wish but I am intending to change it this year. I am planning to share self- help tools that I come across to help you with your journey …


How an angel carried my luggage!

Do you know an angel carried my luggage to India? Well, not literally 🙂 but it did happen… I was all set to take off for a 3.5 months travel covering 5 countries. Luggage was becoming an issue because I needed to carry some special clothes for a couple of weddings in India. I was …


Are you a universal surrogate?

Are you one of the people who like to make others feel better at any cost – even by sacrificing your own wellbeing? If you keep falling sick physically or emotionally, perhaps you are one of the universal surrogates with the tendency to process other people’s stuff. How is it working for you? Are you …


Beyond imagination… what would that be?

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, asks if we can imagine something that we do not know about? A beautiful question, indeed. Perhaps, we are limiting the possibilities when we ask for something that we can imagine? So he suggests that we ask for things to show up that are beyond our imagination. One day …


Dolphins responded to me – really :-)

I have been cruising around east coast of Australia for the past 5 days looking at the beautiful islands and sailing over the bumpy waters. Two days back I told my hubby that I wanted to see dolphins in the wild. He did not think that dolphins inhabit this part of the sea. (I must …

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