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Joy with body!

Do you enjoy having a body or resent it? I was definitely one of the people who resented having the body. For me, body meant maintenance and it was a chore. In one of the classes in my training the facilitator asked, “Who is lucky? you having a body or the beings without the body?” …


What if Fear is Your Power?

What magic are you creating? I wanted to write to you about fear today. What if fear is where your power lies? What if whatever scares you is where your potency lies? Do you like to know more? Watch this video: https://youtu.be/RuVZfgzh6kk In this video, I have shared why your fear could be a disguise …


Earth Medicine

Hope you are doing well. Earth Medicine Yesterday I did the protocol for energy block clearing. Unlike the day before, I did not use waves of kindness a lot. In the middle of the night, I woke up with pain with intensity 8/10. I got the awareness that suppressed energy was surfacing – that’s what …


What if magic is the new normal?

How have you been? Fear and magic Fear used to rule my life. I used to be so afraid of many things until I came to realize that the fear could be a disguise of our own potency. The moment you start to acknowledge your capacities, you will see that the fear dissolves. You might …


Can You Use Fear to Create Magic?

How are you? Thank you for reading and responding to my newsletter. I am very honoured. Transmuting Fear In life, one time or another every one of us would have experienced fear and some times even been frozen by fear. So, most of you would agree that fear has intense energy associated with it. What …


Would you like to change lives?

Is life going great for you? I wanted to let you know about the new video I have done for clearing the energy behind fertility issues. This is suitable for anything you may like to create not just a baby. Here is it for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpgtKUDDkDk Just a day more of big discounts I have …


Black Magic and Curses

Hope you are keeping well. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the effect of black magic and curses. In this video, I am demystifying the concept and offers access consciousness clearing to go beyond the concepts of black magic and curses.Would an infinite being choose to be at the effect of black …


What is Your Lucky Number?

Hope you are doing great! Let me share another magical story with you. 36 times the investment Recently when I had been to Las Vegas, Roulette kept coming to my mind. I was telling my hubby about that and when I got an opportunity in a practically empty casino on a road trip, I did …


Stress Relief and Sleep

How have you been? Do you remember the diamond grid installation I wrote about last week? Since then my life has been super busy. I have been doing installations and attunements non-stop and working through the weekend to consult and catching up with my other workstreams. (You know, I run an IT company too, right?) …


Make Money from Judgements

How are you? Thank you for your great response for the attunements. They are great Money…Money…Money Can you make money from judgements… yes, absolutely… See this video of my facilitation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2zADU1ZNBc In this video, I facilitate one of my clients to use judgements to her advantage. As you can see, the client smoothly and gently …

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