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Weird and Wonderful!

Hi dear ones, Apologies for not writing for long! I went through a phase of not wanting to do anything. Thanks to Access Consciousness tools, went from that to this all of a sudden (From my FB status): //In one week I have done graphics work, prepared advt captions, facilitated sessions over phone, run hands …


Awareness is wealth

Dear friends, Happy new year to you all. Hope you had a great holiday season and gone back to work. I saw so many sad faces in the FB status about going back to work. What would it take for all of us to get paid for what we love to do? Did you enjoy …


Ask and Receive!

Dear friends, How have you been? I have been grand, making great changes for me and people who are willing to step up. What else is possible? A mother brought her son in his 20s to me to clear some addictive behaviour. We worked on clearing the entities and the guy was not willing to …


Would you be willing to gift you a phenomenal life?

Dear friends, How have you been? I have been really busy since Access Level 2/3 with Gary Douglas. You may know that I thrive in ‘busy’ness. I had a profound conversation with Shoval Aloni on self, oneness,seeking approval etc. We got to release for seeking external approval using sedona method. I also attended the first …


Celebration goodies!

Dear friends, I interviewed Macaya, energy healer and teacher from USA recently. It was awesome experience and his activation of Love & Joy shifted my energy. How did I get so lucky? You could listen to the interview and learn some simple and effective tools of RICH healing and receive the activation too: You …


No cost clearing circle

Dear friends, How have you been? We had fun with Lightness of Living 🙂 class! Here is a feedback: Lightness of Living ! Really a awesome class ! I will give it a god zillion How did I get so Lucky to attend ? Amazing ! – KN, Malaysia Did you know that it was …


Are you willing to stand out?

Dear friends, How you be today? How is your life expanding? Are you having fun? I have been having loads of fun with teleclasses. Did you choose to attend any of it? The feedbacks are good… sharing just one here: //”I’m gratefull to you Nirmala! and to the access tools and processes. I had a …


Children, the catalysts for change

Working with children has always inspired me. Every time I work with them they blow me away with their knowing and willingness to change. Most of the time, their responses are like, ‘ oh gosh, you just get us… access is our language!’. Children can truly identify with access and thoroughly enjoy the classes. Many …


How I be!

Hi there everybody, How have you been? I had a blasting tour of consciousness covering Singapore, Malaysia and India. What a grand trip that was! You know what, when I left home for a 3 week long trip, I only had two classes with a few confirmed participants. But I went anyway following the energy …


Nila/Nimi’s interview in the Newsletter from Access Consciousness South East Asia

1. What are some of the changes you have had since finding Access Consciousness®?  A. “My whole life has changed in every aspect – I am happier than ever, have more freedom and expanding business internationally. Access has empowered me to create magic every day and have fun with life. The coolest part is that …

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