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Earth Medicine

Earth Medicine

Hope you are doing well.

Earth Medicine

Yesterday I did the protocol for energy block clearing. Unlike the day before, I did not use waves of kindness a lot. In the middle of the night, I woke up with pain with intensity 8/10. I got the awareness that suppressed energy was surfacing – that’s what the protocol does. I could not sleep and so I used Pain relief protocol. Man, it worked like magic. The pain came down to zero within minutes and stayed the same.

After that, I was asking for healing from the Source of Light and Mother Earth. I sensed small pellets from the planet earth popping into my body with soothing sound at a beautiful rhythm and knocking down unwanted cells. Then I also felt healing mud was rubbed on the area to stimulate and energize the cells. Awesome experience, indeed.

I have been having the awareness of ‘Light Medicine‘ and ‘Earth medicine‘ for a few days now and this is the first time I experienced it. I wonder what magic this would create! Please feel free to try it yourself.

Peeps, I am telling you from the experience – these protocols are magical and a grand support system. Please use them, if you already learnt them. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to learn 5 more at a throw-away price:

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