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Joyous Embodiment

This class contains advanced protocols and processes to have joyous experience with bodies in the universe.

💖 Topics covered
  • Advanced Joyous body protocol
  • Embodying keys and frequencies
  • Wrapping technique
  • The embodiment of kindness process
  • Mineralization and ozonization process
  • Preparation of healing water
💖 Possible Benefits of this course
  • Physical healing
  • Better circulation and balanced energy flow
  • Expanded awareness of bodies
  • Expansive healing capacities
  • Joyful existence
  • Harmonious interaction with other bodies
💖 Prerequisite

One needs to have completed the Light key Intermediate & Joyous Body Protocol courses in order to experience the joyous embodiment.
This course comes equipped with the following to help you do just that :

  • Video recording
  • Manual
💖 What next?

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So are you willing to step up, empower yourself to enjoy your body?

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