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Light Grid Installation

Light grids are energetic pathways in the body that help the body to get ready for a new magical reality. The installation of the light grid is facilitated and witnessed by Nila. It’s best to do light grid installation while the receiver is sleeping to reduce the interference of the mind. Drink plenty of water before going to sleep. No other preparation required. You may or may not feel different when you wake up. Do not attach any significance to it.

Once installed, the light grids are to be activated daily (simply call “activate the light grid”) for at least 11 days by the receiver until they feel the sense of the activation. There is no upper limit for activation. You can continue doing it after 11 days.

At this point light grids also seem to be supplementing the effect of Earth medicine and Light medicine.

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Note: After purchase, please write an email to about your sleep time along with your timezone with email subject as “Light grid installation timing”