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Light Key Intermediate Blueprint course

Now that you have created the foundation for mastery with the basic keys, you are now ready to receive more keys to help you in various areas of life.

This intermediate course is the next step in the light key practice. This course presents additional keys that help with your life goals, self-worth, prosperity, fame and health.

💖 Course content

This course is a self-study course containing instruction videos and manual that takes you beyond the fundamental practice of kindness and master key to enhance certain areas of your life specifically.

The following keys are introduced in the material:

  1. Prosperity Key
  2. Life Key
  3. Health key
  4. Fame key
  5. Expansion Key
  6. Mastery and Kindness process
You will also learn how to experience the energy of the keys and develop your self-awareness
💖 Prerequisite

One needs to have completed the Light Keys basic blueprint course in order to explore the intermediate course.

💖 Benefits
  • More ease in day today life in specific areas of life
  • Increased clarity
  • Ease with finances
  • Being and receiving kindness
  • Feeling of expansion and ease
  • An increase in awareness that in turn help with day to day living

And so much more…

💖 Self-study Course

Intermediate course is available only as self-study course now.

This course comes equipped with the following to help you do just that :

  1. Video recording
  2. Manual
So, do you feel ready to take your Light Keys practice to the next level?
Should you need any more information or assistance, feel free to write to us on team@infinitehealing.co.uk