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Trip to Crystalline healing chamber

Trip to Crystalline healing chamber

How are you today?

I wanted to share a mystical experience that I had recently.
I have been flying a lot this week and on my 3rd flight in two days, I decided to do a Merkaba meditation – just like that.

Merkaba took me into a Light Portal which felt fuzzy with lightening in different colours and intensity. The ride was very cozy and the Merkaba then landed in a chamber. There I saw the kindness key in multi-dimension (not just 3D) and I was told that it was a Light key crystal. The chamber lit up and filled with foggy healing light and I heard that I was in ‘Light Key Crystalline healing chamber

While I was receiving healing in the chamber, I saw two ladies stepped in and wanted to talk. I was not comfortable because they were fully covered and so I asked them to step away. They removed the veil and told me that they want to help with physical healing. They handed over a wand and told me that magic with health happens when I wave the wand. I don’t know the significance of this vision and whether waving an energetic wand really heals 🙂 I wish it does 🙂

This is the second time the spirit world is offering me help with physical healing.

When I returned, one thing was clear – it’s time for me to work on physical healing which I have been shying away for long! What more adventure awaits I wonder!

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I will see you somewhere sometime!

Until then, keep letting go of what is not working for you.

In appreciation of you,