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Who are you being?

Who are you being?

Dear friends,

How have you been?

Wohoo… I have become a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. This means that I can now teach Access Consciousness Foundation, Level1 classes and also create my own speciality classes in addition to The Bars class. How does it get any better than that? What a ride I have had so far this year… first 3 months of the year gone in a whissssk!

Now I am starting my Access Tour covering 3 countries on 10th April. I am offering many free classes in India and you may want to check out the schedule here:

What would it take to offer a free intro class online? I did manage to write an article which has been published in British South Indian website.

Here is the link to ‘Who are you being?’:

What contribution can this article be for you? What contribution can you be for the world?

Wishing you ease, joy and glory,

Nila/Nimi/Nirmala Raju

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